Hear from teachers who have implemented our program:

Some inspirational words posted on the Ninja Maths Facebook page from year 7 teacher, Miss Mckenna…Ninja Maths…2 words that changed my classroom!
“Miss McKenna can we do Ninja Maths now?” “Miss McKenna, my daily writing today is about the Ninjas!” “Miss McKenna, my Nanna has knitted the class a ninja with various coloured belts so the highest ninja can keep it on their desk for the week!” “Miss McKenna, because you are not in Year 5 next year, is my child still going to┬ábe able to do Ninja Maths with their new teacher?” “Miss McKenna, we had a Ninja Maths family challenge last night after dinner…my dad got 220!”

Sound too good to be true? To be honest, I thought the same before implementing Ninja Maths in my classroom. I had quite a large number of girls and I thought to myself, no girl will be motivated by a ninja…nor will my boys be phased by getting a simple laminated card. HOW WRONG I WAS. Ninja maths became my tables testing on a Friday, my weekly homework, my behaviour plan, my rewards system, used with buddy classes, An “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” parents challenge on school open nights and the list continues. My class not only completed their homework but enjoyed it as every Friday they would be tested and had the chance to gain more power and become a “higher Ninja”! As for the cards, the students displayed them with pride on their desk mats, even referring to each other as their ninja name. I had students dress up on book week as Ninjas due to the classroom environment that Ninja Maths created for us! I couldn’t believe how a simple print out and laminated card could take over my room! Girls and boys were equally excited, motivated and inspired by these Ninjas.

Not only did it improve students mathematical confidence and enthusiasm towards learning, but their results improved in huge amounts also. The child who on Week 1 could only complete 16 times tables questions correctly in 3 minutes could by Week 8 complete 68 correctly. Students mental computation and instant recall skills were not only impressive but noticed by visiting teachers to the school…of which I can only thank Ninja Maths for.

Thanks Josh Lee and everyone involved in the creation of Ninja Maths. You are the ultimate NINJA HERO in not only my students eyes but in mine also. A real credit to the education industry! Well Done.

Adam Martin Yr 6 classroom teacher:

“Ninja Maths is AMAZING! I have been running this program in my class for 3 years now and let me break it down for you. Every term I have seen my class go from an average of 60 to an average of 140, in just one term across every operation. I have had one student this term go from 19 questions in 3 minutes to 100. Another student has gone from 140 to 250. The kids love the cards and most of all to daily feedback of progress. You can also add in Ninja Mission and clans. I find it works best by singing the timestables the kids or playing repeating card games. I also set challenges for the kids at home. It also effects EVERY area of maths, because the kids begin to believe that progress is possible. You should seriously add every teacher on the planet to this page, as the results are ridiculous. I’m so thankful to Josh for creating this!”