Ninja Combat

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Ninja Combat

It is time to join the battle.

Ninja Math’s is proud to present the latest ground-breaking card game – ‘Ninja Combat’.

‘Ninja Combat’ gives all players the opportunity to refine their basic maths facts in all four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players will get to utilise all your favourite Ninja’s, from Genin to Suprim Masuta, as well as some new heroes in Death Adder, Subtractor and Shinobi Halver. Players will have to employ their basic facts knowledge and ninja strategy to engage in ninja combat.

‘Ninja Combat’ generates huge amounts of motivation and joy for players around mathematics, giving them positive experiences and a sense of fun based around the building of self-improvement and self-belief.

For teachers or parents who wish to engage with their kids in a fun and positive way, while improving their maths skills – ‘Ninja Combat’ is for you.


See the tutorial video below on how to play the game:

Ninja Combat

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